Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wardown Park

Sunday was a very hot ( approx 24°c) and relaxing day. We went to Wardown Park which is approx just under a 5 minute walk from our flat. We have never been there before and didn't realise how close the park was to get to. It is such a beautiful place in fact we are jealous of the people who live in the flats opposite as they will have excellent views of the lake. 

We walked around for a bit me snapping away on my camera until we found the perfect shady spot under a tree. We then tucked into a mini picnic of turkey, cheese and coleslaw baguette, quavers and blueberry and jam chocolate mini roles with plenty of flavoured water.

After we had finished the picnic we set off to find the museum it took a little bit of guessing on mainly Stuart's part to find it. Inside the museum as you go in on your left is Greek section filled with pottery, marble heads and other interesting bits and bobs we then went on to find the lace making room and then a room filled with straw hats and then onto military style setting before going up stairs where all the retro looking toys, games and console's. 

As you can see from the photo's we had a great time and am sure if you are friends with me on facebook you can see the many photo's that I took. 

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