Monday, 25 June 2012


You might or might not know but at the end of May I found out I am the winner of Muller's
 Facebook competition to win a kindle and £70 voucher to buy some books for it. 
Well it finally arrived last week after a few problems first of all the kindle was out of stock 
and then the company who did the voucher stopped doing them so luckily for me
they sent me cheque for £70 to make up for it along with a leather case and a mini kindle lamp (not pictured) 
I collected it from my mother in laws where I got it sent to 
so here it is. 

Do you have a kindle?

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  1. I have a Kindle but I still read regular books as well. I probably read about half and half now. I find the amazon "top 100 free downloads" section is great and I end up downloading a lot from there to try, which is good as it means I read a wider variety.