Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Little Update

Over the weekend we had sun for the first time this month 
so we were able to enjoy the weather on Saturday we popped 
into the mall and I brought a yoga mat and cupcake box set
in TKmaxx and also enjoyed a treat of a chocolate 
              pretzel as Auntie Anne's has opened up. I wish I had taken a 
photo now but it was yummy although messy. 

Sunday we were over in Leighton Buzzard
for a BBQ with Stuart's family over at his mum's. 
My sister in Law was over with her partner who had travelled from Cornwall 
to spend the week there so was lovely to see them both 
since the last time we saw them was at our wedding back in February.  

Monday we went back to Leighton Buzzard as we had a viewing 
for a one bed flat over there. Unfortunately the person who is 
currently living at the property decided to change the locks 
so that we were unable to view the place.
so at the moment we got to sit tight and see what happens 
we really want to move back to LB  and its the perfect price,
location etc so fingers crossed we will get to see the place soon. 

Am also over hlf way through book 2 of fifty shades

My favourite yummy 

yoga mat its pink too

cupcake set looking forward to using this at weekend

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