Monday, 13 August 2012

Copella Pink Apple Lemonade

photo from google

I'd never heard of the Copella brand until recently when on facebook they were giving way £1 off vouchers 
so I jumped at the chance to try some of there apple lemonade range.

I received the voucher in the post a couple of weekends ago popped it on the side and thought I'll have a look in my local supermarket to see if they had it in stock. Of course I forgot but my lovely hubby happened to mention 
that he saw them in our local Sainsburys on a  buy one get one free offer wit the price being £1.75 so lucky
me got to have 2 750ml bottles for 75p bargain. 

The only one they had in stock was the pink apple lemonade and I found out that it is in fact very new out in the Copella range of juices. 

I don't think I have ever had pink lemonade but I am a fan of lemonade in general especially home made after
having a sparkling glass back on holiday last October in Wales.( will have to learn to make my own).

Anyway this drink is a still pink apple lemonade made with of course apples but also raspberry and lemon juice yum. 
This drink has a very sharp, zingy taste from the first sip and I knew I recognised the taste so 
after my hubby had a sip we both said that we think it taste a lot like apple sauce. 

We defiantly like this drink and I really want to try more of their juices . 

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  1. Pink lemonade? I never try of it before in my country. I tried the traditional lemonade in yellow/orange color, flavored in orange + lemon. I don't know how to describe the exact flavor, my bad. Anyway, after you tried d post more... ^^
    I would love to know more. :)

    Ginny Hana