Monday, 15 October 2012

Aloe Vera Juice

After having seen Aloe Vera Juice in Holland and Barrett 
I finally took the plunge and decided to buy some while 
on sale. 

Aloe Vera Juice's main benefit is to aid 
It is said that if you drink a small amount of juice 
before meals it helps to break down food 
that is hard to digest. 
Making it a good preventative for stomach 
issues such as bloating. 

My Reason for wanting to try this juice out is because 
of hearing that it encourages weight loss.
It is said that this juice stimulates 
your metabolism meaning that 
it helps your body to burn calories more quickly. 

Now I can honestly tell you that it 
tastes awful I chose the cranberry one 
thinking that it would add flavour. 
It's recommended that you have 15ml up to three times a day.
The best way to drink it in my opinion is straight down with a flavoured
drink near by to get rid of the after taste however you can 
add water to it or even mixed in with your drink. 
It is also recommended to be taken before meals. 

I have only been drinking this juice a little over a day 
and can tell you that I certainly do not feel as bloated
as I have done in the past which is great. 

Have you tried Aloe Vera Juice? or even Aloe Vera in tablet form? 
if so did it work for you?


  1. I have never tried it, but I see it everywhere here in the U.S. That and coconut water is popular now...don't try the coconut water though, uh gross! I thought it would be good,sweet, but it is not!! ♥

  2. I have heard of coconut over here in the uk too was going to try it but thanks for the heads up think I will pass on it now after all.