Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bzz Agent Review: Persil Non Bio

I recently have become a Bzz Agent.
What's a Bzz Agent you may ask?
Well Bzz Agent is an online social marketing company. 
You complete surveys and then when something suitable comes
up they offer you a campaign where you can review products.
You get sent a Bzz Kit in the post and then complete Bzz Activities.
- Telling Facebook and Twitter followers
-  Bzz report's
- Submitting a review to Bzz Agent
- submitting online reviews. 
- submitting photo's

What I got in my Bzz Kit: 
- Bzz guide containing all info on the product
- Full 630ml sample of Persil small and mighty
- a sachet of comfort pure fabric conditioner 
- 3x coupons for £1 off persil small and might at Tesco

Persil Non Bio Small and Mighty Facts: 
- Is Ideal for those with sensitive skin  
- Is skincare research reconsigned by the British Skin Foundation
- Suitable for all ages
- Is available in major supermarkets 
- Priced between £3 and £10.50 depending on size
and product. 

My thoughts: 

I've never really been into using liquid detergents. 
I hated having to search for the cap in my washing 
which was a bit of a pain. 
I also found that getting the cap off to begin with was difficult. 
With my first load I just used the Persil Non Bio 
without the comfort conditioner and when I got out my washing 
it smelled clean and fresh which I am happy with. 
my second load I used the conditioner with it
and found that not only did my clothes smell fresh and clean 
but also felt much more softer. 
I will be passing on the coupons to my mum 
who I know used Persil when me and my sister were younger. 
I will also pass some on to some family members who have little ones. 
As much as I love this product I don't think I will stop using 
my Dizolve sheets though as I much prefer them. 

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  1. when i used this was a strange fishy odour when i opened the machine. Which was odd as we dont eat fish hardly ever. And was same for every wash