Winter boots and Smile campaign bracelet


I finally brought myself some winter boots over the weekend. 
I am very fussy when it comes to boots I'm not keen 
on suede and was going to buy some faux leather ones.
However when browsing in Peacocks my hubby tried to 
persuade me to go for these ones similar to Uggs.
I tried them on and fell in love now you can't get them
off me in fact I have been walking around the flat with 
them on. 
I am so happy with them and they were a bargain too at £18 

I also received this lovely bracelet in the post
from Bekl its the Smile campaign one in aid of 
anti bullying.

They come in three colours Yellow, Pink and Blue
Bekl's anti bullying smile campaign bracelets 
launched on 12th October and retail at £2.99
with £1 of each sale going towards "beat bullying"

a few inspiring Bekl quotes 

"Wear the bracelet, spread a smile,
Help our charities go the extra mile..." Bekl

"Tie me around your wrist, 
And I'll continue to persist,
To encourage you through and sew the seed,
To help you in your life succeed...

Once I start to weather and fray,
Cut me off at the end of the day,
And see that problem fly as light as a feather,
You'll have learn't a lesson to stay with you forever..."


Live life to the full and achieve all you can...

"Life is a wave. Ride it." Grab the bull by the horns and take control, because there is only you who can help you achieve your dreams!

I love the positivity that Bekl promotes
they are such a great brand.

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  1. Oh nice!
    I got winter boots too recently. They are ankle length & a grey-tan shade. I'll sent you an instagram-tweet. :)