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I love browsing in charity shops 
I always find a great bargain from time to time
and the good thing is that most of the bits I do find 
are either brand new or in excellent condition. 

You too could also find some great bargains if you look
more closely among the shelves and rails and beyond the 
other not so appealing items. 

The town in which I live has 8 charity shops at current 
I always try and have a look once a week in them 
as they get new stock in regularly.
On Wednesday I had a good look around and managed to get 
some great bits from 3 of the charity shops.

These 4 books cost me a total of £5 
which normally would have cost me 
£25.92 If I had brought them at their RRP
The top and bottom left books were part of
buy one book get one free deal so for the both of them
I paid £1.50.
The other two books the top and bottom right
were £1.50 for the slimming world book
and £2 for the Lesley Pearse one. 
Lesley Pearse is one of my current favourite authors
so was thrilled to find 2 books in one day.

Mooving on I found this cow soap on a rope for £1.50 
which I have seen on amazon for £6

I also came across this lovely limited edition owl 
eye make up pallet for £2.49 which retails 
at current in the M&S sale for £3.

In total for this lot I should have paid £34.92 
in the shops but I got it
for £13.49
which = a saving of  £21.43 

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  1. Oh I love that you';ve worked out how much you saved as well as the fact that all of the money you paid wentt to the charity, which is great.
    I don't look in our charity shops all that often, never seem to have much luck when I do.

  2. I adore charity shops and the bargains you can find. One man's junk is another man's treasure they say. My latest bargain were 10 new cut glass crystal glasses, tall ones for 50p each.

  3. I can never find such great bargains. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough:)You found some great finds.

  4. I love charity shops, there's always great books to be found and I got some beautiful rosebud teacups from our local one for my wedding last year! x

  5. I love charity shopping, you can find some real gems I'd you give it some time and effort - as you clearly did! Loving the soap hah!