Monday, 18 February 2013

Bzz Agent Vanish Oxi Action

Saturday morning I received my second ever Bzz agent kit. 
The kit contained: 
- Two 200g pouches of Vanish Oxi Action
- An A-Z guide of stains and tips for removing them 
- x5 £1.50 off 500g tub of Vanish Oxi Action at Tesco coupons 

We normally tend to do our washing over the weekends so it arrived in good time
I chose to give it a go on one of my pair of socks which had got rather stained. 
First of all I had a good look at the booklet to see what kind of stain 
I am dealing with, I wasn't too sure what it would come under 
so I just did the average time limit to see how well it would go. 

Vanish Oxi Action

 First of all I decided to pre-treat the socks by mixing 1/4 scoop 
with 3/4 of water to make a paste and then gently rubbing 
the stain with the base of the scoop. 
I then left the paste on the stain for 5 minutes before soaking. 

For the soaking I fully dissolved 1 scoop of Vanish Oxi Action powder in water
I left to soak for an hour but you can soak up to max of 6 hours. 

I then popped the socks with my normal wash as usual but added
a further scoop in the washing draw and washed on 30 degrees. 

As you can see the stain has faded but is still there 
I feel that after treating the stain once more then it will be fully gone. 
I also feel that if I had left the socks to soak longer than the stain would
have disappeared more quickly too. 

Have you or your family used Vanish Oxi Action before? 

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