Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Review: PrezzyBox Key Finder

Prezzybox is a gift lovers solution if you are looking for 
a unique and exciting gift for your Mum, Dad, Brother,Sister,
Friend, Partner and even yourself then Prezzybox is the place to go. 

From chocolate Pizza's to Retro Slush Makers you will find
an ideal gift for whoever you are buying for. 

Prezzybox was founded in 2000 by Zac Edwards and along with his
Mum, Dad and Girlfriend they created a gift site full of delights.

The site launched in 2001 and has gone from strength to strength
with a range of tasty products and features. 

Now I was sent this Key Finder, (£7.95) to trial. 
This seems an ideal product for someone like me
who constantly miss places my keys on a regular basis. 

How its meant to work

You've lost your keys, your in a rush as you need to be somewhere. 
All you have to do is whistle and the key finder will do its magic and beep noisily 
and flash giving you both an audible and visual indicator to its where about's. 

Key Finder

How it worked for me

Once the key finder arrived me and my husband decided to try it out
over a few days. 

We found that it only very occasionally worked and when it did
we had the key finder in our hands at the time which kind of  
defeats the meaning of the item altogether. 


  1. I have wondered about these before, defeats the object though really!

  2. I thought what a cool idea until you said it rarely works xx