Saturday, 30 March 2013

Superdrug not so cooling cucumber clay mask

I've always said I love being able to sit/lay back and relax and have a bit of 
a pamper with a face mask on and have used many of Superdrugs Face masks

So on seeing the Cucumber cooling clay mask I thought this was going 
to be fab product! 

well I was disappointed I splashed my face with water and applied
the mask instead of a lovely cooling feeling my skin
felt like it was burning so I removed it pretty sharpish
 (way under the recommended 15 mins). 

On removing the mask I found that my skin was bright red and sore 
and I have spent since yesterday trying to cool my face down 
and hoping that the rash would fade asap. 

I've never had any reactions to any facial products like this before
and the fact that this product is meant to be suitable for 
sensitive skin is kinda worrying. 

So if any of you plan on trying out this face mask I would recommend 
you give this a pass or use it with caution.


  1. Anything with cucumber in makes my skin flare up. I think it's a fairly common reaction. I avoid any product like this. Hope your skin is better x

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  3. Thanks for doing this review I was going to buy some superdrug masks this weekend actually! I've used their aloe vera one in a tube before and found it to be good but their packet ones seemed so handy!

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  4. I'm so glad I found this review as now I know it's not just me. I don't have sensitive skin and used this last night, and within seconds my skin felt like it was on fire... never felt anything like it or had such a strong reaction before! I had to wash it off instantly as it was almost unbearable. I'm not sure what in the ingredients caused it. Possibly the cucumber? But I've used cucumber products before with no problems.

  5. Was good to find this as I browsed your blogs, as I recently purchased the same mask, I haven't used it yet and I don't think I will now as I have very sensitive skin! Thanks for the heads up!