Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Yes to....

I was rummaging around sorting out my make up at the weekend
when I came across some samples that I had forgotten all about.  

Yes to ... is a natural skin and hair care range which works, is guilt free, 
and the products are all organic fruits and veggies. 

 I remember getting these samples when I won a 
blog competition last year winning some make up 
and had obviously forgot all about them once I had put 
them away. 

The samples I got were from the Yes to Carrots range, 
and was the body butter which is a rich and creamy lotion
with a  faint, light, refreshing scent that indulges your skin 
 with a nourishing, rivitalizing and long-lasting moisture. 

I really do love the scent and found that it soaked into my skin very quickly
which are both essentials in my books. 

I do have so many lotions and potions at the moment so 
for now I wont be buying a full pot but its 
one product I will consider in the future. 

1 comment:

  1. I've never herd of this brand before , but sounds nice xx