Thursday, 25 April 2013

Body Image Gone Wrong

Yesterday when on Facebook I came across this photo of
 Romanian model Ioana Spangenberg. 
The model is said to weigh 84 pounds (6 stone) and has a 20 inch waist.
 She has told fashion magazines it's natural and she believes that
 'there is no such thing as being too thin.'

After seeing this photo I can honestly say I am disgusted!
I find this image quite disturbing and feel that it shouldn't be paraded 
around where young children can see it, after all 
a lot of children use facebook and they will come across this image
and feel that they need to loose weight when really
they are fine as they are. 

I am all for that we are all different shapes and sizes but someone
please give her a Big Mac with large fries please. 


  1. This is absolutely terrifying. It makes me happy that I have my love handles :P

  2. ohmygod,this pictures scared me!I think she need to be careful to what she to magazines,because young girls would/want to follow her example and that's really bad.
    I agree with you,somebody give her a big mac with some chips !!


  3. Yuk! There's no way that figure is natural - she may be naturally thin but her waist looks as though she's been wearing tiny corsets for years to encourage the shape, as lots of models do!
    I know hourglass is considered sexy, but EXTREME hour glass like this is quite horrifying to look at!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks