Thursday, 16 May 2013

Competition Wins January-April 2013

I've just realised how rubbish I have been so far this year of keeping photo's of my competition wins. 

A very quite month for me on the competition front and didn't have any winnings.


- Tin of Biscuits from Carlot on fb
- Mug unknown 

Quite month again 


Its starting pick up on the wins again now :) 

- Blog competition £100 worth of goodies including make up. 
-12 packs of variety bags of sweets (won by doing a survey) 
- I phone 4 case from Myobile
- Make up remover and cotton pads from terred'oc 
- These lovely two items of baby clothes size 12 months 
worth £300. 
Now I will say I don't have children so was going to give my win away 
but I love them so much so have kept them in storage for 
future children. 


  1. How on earth can children's clothes justifiably cost £300?
    Well done on the wins, though!

  2. Well done on the wins. I'd be too scared to put children in clothes that cost £300! They might be sick or something! x

  3. Fab wins for April, like others have said, I wouldn't let my kids wear clothes that were that expensive. Can you imagine spilling baby food on them lol