Sunday, 19 May 2013

Plans and why they don't always work out

Back in September 2008 I fell in love with my now husband and had just 
started back at college studying Level 3 in Childcare. 
Due to struggling with mental health issues and also because
I wanted to actually work instead of studying I quit college in November. 

I had it all planned out in my head for the next 5 years or so. 
I was going to get a full time job working in a nursery and complete my Level 3 
by doing the NVQ route instead so I could earn and learn. 
Once we had got engaged in January 2009 the plan was once I found work 
we save up for our wedding in 2012 and then start the saving again so that by 2015 
we could start thinking about starting a family.

As plans go I thought it was a great one.
However as life turns out plans don't always seem to work out. 
Since quitting college I have only had a few temp positions (bloody recession!) 
But we have been lucky thanks to my lovely in laws we were able to 
get married in 2012 like we had planned. But now its 2013,
I'm still currently searching for work although I see myself 
a home-maker these days as well.

So its 2013 and it seems that on the financial front the plans of starting a family 
are looking as though is going to be put on hold. 
To be honest it seems to be looking less likely to be the year that I find
any kind of job but I still got stay hopefully and positive and all that. 

One of my main worries is that by the time I find employment and have worked 
for x amount of years before having a family is that as we would love to have 
three wonderful children I would pretty much have to have each child in a quick succession 
with not much of an age gap between them which to be fair I would much prefer.

I was just wondering what are your thoughts are? 
Would waiting be the best bet so that we can be a bit more financially secure, or  
would you bring a child into the world even though you are struggling, just the two
of you, on one income? 

I know others have done it, I sometimes wonder how? I know a child really needs 
more than anything is love and care but sometimes a child is going to need
a bit more than just that!

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  1. I don't think there is ever a right time bring a child into the world. Finances do play a big part in it I agree. But as long as the child is loved what more can you ask for. We all get by one way or another. I think you should go with whats in your heart if having a child right now is what you really want go for it! The sensible option would be to wait but you never know what the future holds and whats round the corner xx