Saturday, 18 May 2013

Random Musings #1

Things that  are on my mind right now/been up to etc

- Today I have spent some time trying to sort out my domain name.
It's still not currently working so thinking of waiting 
a few more days to see what happens. 

- Yesterday evening was my MIL hen do at Bistro Live in Milton Keynes.
Food was lovely and we spent a lot of time dancing mainly on the stage or on our table. 
I stuck to drinking diet Pepsi rather than hitting the alcohol since am not much of a 
drinker anyway. 

-  I am getting fed up of spam comments on here! 

- Money issues spinning around in my head feeling very frustrated on the financial front atm, 
please someone give me a job!

- I am very tired right now after getting in approx around 12:30 am this morning 
and it was mostly likely around 2:00 am I finally managed to get any sleep.

Thats all


  1. Hope your URL starts working soon, it's so nice to have your own name with no .blogspot bit. Oh, and I hate spam comments too, especially when I do reviews of children's products and spam links pop off to adult sites :-/

  2. You seem to be a bit down lately, I hope things start to look up for you.
    Spam comments are so annoying, I haven't had any since changing my settings so that no anonymous people could comment. x