Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A little update

The last few days have been a little manic, so I haven't had the chance 
to blog much and probably wont do another post until Monday now. 

On Tuesday I had a missed call just after 9am from my husbands mobile, 
thinking it was strange for him to ring me that early in the day I rang back.
Only to be told a car had knocked him off his bike and he was being checked 
over by the paramedic's that had been called out but he is ok. 

Of course once I heard more of what was happening I was able to get to 
hospital to see him. 
Luckily he wasn't badly injured just a few grazes and bruises and a nasty graze
on his arm from where he had been knocked off. 
So he was only sent to the walking in clinic at the hospital to get checked over
rather than to A &E. 

It turns out as he was turning right to get to the office the car behind him was too close
and tried to overtake him at the same time causing him to get knocked from behind. 
The bike seems to be fine with a minor scratch, but the car seemed to be the one
to bear the brunt of the accident. 

So Stuart is off for the rest of the week, but feeling fine apart
 from a little sore and suffering from stiff muscles. 

Nasty graze on arm


  1. That graze looks nasty, glad to hear he is okay though x

  2. Lynsey Buchanan27 June 2013 at 23:23

    Glad your boy is okay Joanna x