Thursday, 4 July 2013

List's wonderful lists

Ok another list today mainly for my benefit however if any of you 
have some ideas on how I could get this lot of things cheaper
than that would be fab. 

Things we  need, want or both to save for. 

- Stupid estate agent fees for renewing our contract at the end of 
August so annoying as other agents we have been with in the past 
haven't charged a fee for contract renewal however we can't afford to move
so are stuck paying £80 odd every 6 months. 

- new laptop/netbook ours is currently running really
slow and our contract ends with 3 in October , plan is to sell this one 
on but not before purchasing a new one. 

- new camera, photo's recently are starting to be just blurry 
and the batteries die so quickly too. 

- new vacuum cleaner handles broken so its making it harder to use.

- Holiday, much needed the only time we have been away together was back in 2008 after being
together a month ( for a weekend) so yeah we need so much needed "us" time. 

Gosh it looks all so expensive :( not sure how long its going to take for us to 
save up for this little lot. 

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