Friday, 20 September 2013

National Eczema Week with Green People

14th-22nd of September is National Eczema Week. 

With over 6 million people in UK suffering from eczema, of which 15-20% are children, finding suitable skincare products to treat and soothe the condition can often prove difficult.

For many eczema sufferers, dealing with dry, itchy, inflamed skin is a battle on a daily basis,
 making life extremely uncomfortable. 
 Green People have come to the rescue with a range  of natural skincare products for adults and babies/children  to treat, soothe and restore your skin. 
 Green People offer a natural solution for effective daily relief, that is free from harsh chemicals. 

I was sent two samples of there Neutral range products the Scent free cleanser and the scent free
24 hour cream. 

The photo above shows the packaging in which both of the items are in. 
You have the box with the Green People Logo and info about the product/s
and then both of the bottles. 
The bottles have pump lid so its easy to get the product out. 

Both of the product/s formulas are thick when they come out but are easy to rub in 
and smell very fresh and natural. 

I also have found that they have made my skin super smooth.
I have used the 24 hour cream twice so far and have found that it is a great 
base for applying my make up and my skin felt smooth all day. 

As for the cleaner I have only used this once but found it removed my make up easily 
including my mascara and left my skin feeling  clean, fresh and smooth. 

You can buy Green People products here
The Cleanser retails at £18.95 for 200ml 
The 24 hour cream retails at £15.95 for 50ml 

For review purposes I was sent 50ml of both products to try out. 

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  1. I always have a problem because I have dry skin especially on my feet and nose. But.. I am allergic to Aloe Vera (one of the most calming balms out there!) Will keep an eye out for ones that are Aloe Vera free.