Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tesco Hudl

I've wanted a tablet for awhile now , but with so many out there to choose from 
and the best ones such The Ipad being rather expensive I thought I'd pass (for now). 

Although you are able to get many cheap tablets these days the cheapest of the cheap 
tend to not be that good in quality.

I was on facebook yesterday when I spotted on my news feed something that has made me rather excited.
Tesco are bringing out there own tablet called the Hudl! 

The Budget tablet will be out on Monday (30th September) and retail at £119. 

What is all the fuss? : 
- 7 inch HD touch screen 
- Wifi Dual Band
- 16GB Storage with built in storage extendible up to 48GB 
- Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean 
- Quad-corePowerful 1.5GHz processor
-9hr Battery life 
- GPS 
- Bluetooth 
- scratch and smudge resistant screen 
-  Stereo Speakers 
- Micro SD Slot
- USB Port
- and more

The Hudl comes with a range of in-built apps - including YouTube and Google Chrome and users can download new apps on Google Play.

The device will be in a range of bright colours, including black, blue, red and purple.

Although I have some saving to do I feel this will be the ideal tablet to get me into the world of using tablets. 

What do you think? Do you think you will be buying one? 

* I was not asked to write this post and did not receive any kind of payment etc.

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  1. The specifications sound fine and at £119 it doesnt really sound too much for a tab.
    Worth giving a try.

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