Sunday, 13 October 2013

Review: Dentek Floss Harps

During next week its going to be the start of my
winter and Christmas posts which I am really looking for to!

As you will know if you read my blog frequently I find
keeping my teeth clean and healthy as really important. 
Recently I have decided to buy an electric toothbrush and settled
for a Colgate one as I have had nothing but positive experiences with 
this brand. 

Now when it comes to flossing my teeth I have never really been a fan 
of it but needs must, but then my dentist recommend that I use
floss harps.
I currently use Morrisons own brand ones at £1 for 30.

But the brand Dentek have given me a chance to test out theirs. 
The set I was sent is a pack of 30 comfort clean ones that are great for
tight teeth and sensitive gums. 

I  am glad that they chose to send me these ones as I do struggle 
when flossing due to sensitive and tight teeth. 

The thin, silky floss slides comfortably between tight teeth and sensitive gums.
 Plus it has a unique tongue scraper to freshen breath
 and a textured pick to deep clean between teeth. 


- Great for tight teeth and sensitive gums 
- Much more easier to use
- A fresh mint flavour
-  Has a tongue scraper 
- Has a tooth pick at the end. 

- Price as you can get cheaper ones around that are just as good.  

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