Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review: Dermalogica Samples

 I was recently sent a few samples from Dermalogica to show you.
I love trying out new products and I have heard of Dermalogica 
before but they have always been out of my price range. 

I was sent 5 products samples: 

-  Overnight Clearing Gel 
- Sebum Clearing Masque
-  24 hour kit which contains Primer, Skin Recovery and Power firm
- Cleansing Gel
- Daily Microfoliant

Overnight Clearing Gel
I applied this after removing my make up and before 
going to bed. I was bit unsure of what it would be like being 
a gel formula. 
I found it pleasant to use and found that it soaked into my skin rather well. 

Sebum Clearing Masque
I love using a face masque and try and use one once a week.
This one was easy to apply and had a pleasant scent to it.
I found it to have a relaxing cooling effect and once removed my skin
felt much more smoother and refreshed. 

24 hour sample kit
The kit is for anti ageing; although I am not really at the age for using this kind of thing
I decided to give it a try.  
I used the Power firm around my eyes as it's meant for reducing the appearance 
of wrinkles but I used it just for eye cream purposes. 
I used the skin recovery which has SPF30 as a moisturiser 
and then the primer before applying my make up. 
The primer at first was a bit off putting due to being such a dark shade and
me being so pale that the moon is probably more tanned than me! 
But I found that once I rubbed it in and applied my foundation over it 
it made my skin look as if I had a bit more colour. 

Cleansing Gel
The Cleansing Gel, unfortunately, is my least favourite. I have used a lot of different cleansers
before and I can honestly say that it is nothing special and I would't pay the RRP
on a full version as to me its just another cleanser that works just as good
at removing make up and everyday grime. 

Daily Microfoliant
Last of all is my favourite: the Daily Mircofoliant
is a daily exfoliator and I love the whole concept
of it being powder and that once wet turns to paste. 
I could feel it doing its work as I rubbed it in and it wasn't too harsh on my skin. 


  1. great brand the Clearing Masque sounds good

  2. I love Dermalogica products. x

  3. I love the idea of the powder that turns to paste, might need to give that a go!