Thursday, 13 February 2014

Darling Spuds

Sometimes when you fancy a snack it just has to be a bag of crisps. 
If you want to try some different then you have to try Darling Spuds crisps. 

Darling Spuds come in a wonderful range of flavours:

- Sea Salt and Italian Balsamic Vinegar
- West Country  Cheddar, leak and pink peppercorns
- Sun ripe tomato, green olive and oregano 
- Sour Cream with a hint of Mexican chilli 
- Crushed Natural Sea Salt
- Fire Roasted Jalapeño pepper 

I have tried all the flavours and can say they really are lovely 
and it's so hard to choose which one is my favourite out of the lot.

You can tell that they use high quality ingredients and there is something
about them that makes them feel more luxury then some
of the other brands of crisps I have had the past.

The crisps are packed full of flavour, are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. 
as well as being 20% lower in fat than standard crisps.

The great thing is I was sent two bags of each flavour so the hubby got to try 
each of the flavours as well and says that his favourite has to be 
Sour cream with a hint of Mexican chilli. 
He likes his spicy stuff after all so I can't say I'm that surprised. 

Have you ever tried Darling Spuds? If not your missing out there seriously yummy. 

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