Saturday, 15 February 2014

Free Coffee

When it comes to coffee I can't live with out a cup first thing in the morning. 
I recently learnt that if you have a Waitrose or John Lewis (or both) loyalty card
you can get a free cup of coffee or tea. 

With Waitrose you can get a free regular coffee or tea everyday!
The great thing is that there is no minimum spend all you have to do is 
simple walk in and show your card. 

John Lewis

With John Lewis you can get a free tea/coffee and cake every month. 
when you sign up you get a welcome pack with vouchers each voucher is valid for a month. 

Make sure that you find out if your local stores participate though. 

Do you know of any other places that do these sorts of deals?

1 comment:

  1. This is something I have taken advantage of on a few occasions in our Waitrose. I have found that they have put an Out Of Order notice on the machine on Saturdays, though as it gets too busy.