Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Gluco Natural Energy

Gluco is a natural energy source that is readily available when you need it. 
convenient and fast working Glucotabs and Glucojuice are there to 
give you a little more energy. 

I was asked if I would like to give Gluco a go and thought they would be ideal
for my hubby since he rides a bike to and from work day to day, and needs the energy.

The Glucotabs ( 10 in a tube) come in 4 wonderfully fruity flavours: 
-Blueberry ( which I was sent) 
- Orange
- Raspberry 
- Lemon and Lime

The tabs are ideal for my hubby to take to work as they come in a 
container meaning they are suitable to carry around in his pocket/rucksack. 
Stuart told me that the Gluco tabs have a lovely fruity taste and 
certainly worked at keeping his energy levels up. 

As for the Glucojuice which comes in Very Berry flavour which hubby 
says has a very pleasant taste and is handy to have before he leaves the house. 
Stuart says that the drink worked much quicker than the tabs and perked him
up near enough straight away. 

Have you ever tried Gluco? 

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