Friday, 7 February 2014

Happi Feet Shoe Freshners

Happi Feet is a fantastic and fun innovation in the world of shoe freshening. 
Happi Feet are shoe fresheners, think air fresheners that you use in your car
but for shoes!  forget insoles as these are different!

The special deodorizing fragrances actively work to deodorize
and eliminate shoe odours, replacing odour with an amazing fragrance. 

They certainly are a  different concept but once you try them you are sure to be convinced.

I was sent the lovely Caribbean Beach Breeze scent but they come in 
3 other scents too.
- Japanese Cherry Blossom
- Madagascan Vanilla
- Freshly Laundered. 

I was given a scratch and sniff card so I could smell all of the wonderful fragrances available.   

After shopping on Tuesday and having quite sweaty feet I popped the shoe fresheners in my

The fragrance is pleasant and not at all overwhelming and they not bad 
when you think that at £2.60 a pack they last for 6 weeks.

Happi Feet retail at Tesco in the shoe care fixture. 


  1. Oooh, these sound great - I could use them in my partners shoes as his get a bit pongy sometimes! :)