Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Prevent Insect and Bug Repellent

Prevent contacted me asking if I was interested in trying out their items. 
With all this bad weather at the moment summer couldn't arrive soon enough. 
When the summer does arrive though I am going to have a little annoyance 
when it comes to flies and other little bugs that like to bite me.

They have sent me the Prevent repellent in both a spray and cream formula which
when summer does finally arrive will come in very handy. 

I have used Prevent spray in the past and know that it does work so I am
interested to see how the cream works for me I am sure it will be just as 

I don't go travelling an awful lot but I do have plans to go away next year and as use by date
on these is valid until 2015 than these are going to work wonders at keeping 
pesky mosquitoes and other bugs away from me and the hubby when we are in a hot climate. 

If you are going away soon than I recommend taking a bug repellent with you and what better one than Prevent. 

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  1. we're going to Egypt soon and a lot of the reviews say you definitely need some mosquito repellent so might have to invest in this!