Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bookworm: Life Of Pi

Before reading the book, some time last year I decided to borrow the film from my local library. 
I heard that it was a really good film and book but I found the film a little bit dull. 
I recently decided to read the book as sometimes I prefer stories like this in book form 
more better than the actual films. 

I was right I did enjoy the story much more than the film. 
Life Of Pi is an adventure novel written by Yann Martel which was published 
back in 2001. The film came out in 2012.

Pi Patel tells his life story which includes moving to Canada but a storm hits the cargo ship. 
Pi survives in a lifeboat with a Zebra, Organutan, hyena and a male Bengal tiger called Richard Parker.
I wont tell you anymore incase you haven't seen the film or read the book. 


  1. I also *really* preferred the book over the film. :-D

  2. I really need to read this, my brother has been telling me for years it's a great book. I've purposefully not watched the film so I don't form opinions. X