Friday, 2 May 2014

Bookworm: A Heart Bent Out Of Shape

You may have noticed that I have been reading quite alot more recently, this is because
I have decided to read more and browse the internet less. 

I spotted this in the section of new books my local library had recently got in.

Life is uneventful for Hadley Dunn, no great loves or searing losses. 
But that is before she decides to go to uni for year in the glittering Swiss city Lausanne.
There Hadley meets Kristina, a beautiful elusive Danish girl who soon becomes her best friend. 
But when the first snow of winter arrives in November tragedy strikes.

Hadley is left reeling and guilt-ridden and leans on the only other person to whom she feels close
to, her american literature professor Joel Wilson. But on trying to work out what happened 
that night their relationship heads into forbidding territory.

A Heart Bent Out Of Shape is a story of first love, a terrible tragedy, a snow filled paradise and a year that will never be forgotten. 


  1. I really admire you for this, I would love to pull myself away from the Internet and read more. I want to read the Game of Thrones books :) x

  2. I love to read! Always great to get lost in a good book x

  3. I prefer biographies and true stories but this sounds like it could still be a good read, thanks for the review :) x

    Natalie Gillham

  4. I'm a library assistant, so I'm always lucky enough to grab books whilst I'm at work. I'll look out for this one.

  5. My turn to pick for my book group - this is a good contender