Thursday, 15 May 2014


Don't you just hate it when your shoes make your feet sweaty and uncomfortable 
especially with summer coming up.

I was sent the Zederna Insole that prevents food odour and athletes foot to try out. 
The Zederna insole is made of high quality cedarwood which absorbs humidity arising in shoes, without draining
the foots skin. The natural antibacterial antibodies of the cedarwood decomposes micro-organisms and prevents
unpleasant odours, the emergence of athletes foot and fungal nail.  

The insoles are comfortable when wearing shoes bare feet or with socks. You have to make sure that the wood
side is facing upwards to have effect. The insoles are suitable for daily use and can be used between 3-6 months before needed to buy a new pair. 

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  1. these sound brill, do you have a link where you can purchase from, or stockists please? x