Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bookworm: The Color Purple and The Storyteller

I've heard of The Color Purple as my Mum has the DVD although I will admit I have never watched it. 
When I found the book I decided to give it a go as it was described as literacy genius. 

Celie is a poor black women whose letters tell 20 years of her life beginning at the age of 14,
when she was abused and raped by her father and attempting to protect her younger sister from the same fate. 
She is sent to live with an abusive husband and eventually she learns that he has been keeping her sisters letters from her. Anger, love and independence provided by her friend Shug pushes her to leave and find her creative self. 

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult has been a book that I have wanted to read since it came out last year. 
I have read most Jodi Picoult books so know how moving her books are. 

The Storyteller is about 25 year old Sage Singer who befriends an old man who is loved by the community .
Josef Weber and Sage strike up their friendship at the bakery where she works. 
One day he asks her a favor to kill him! Shocked Sage refuses but then he confesses his darkest secret.
He deserves to die as he was an SS Nazi guard, complicating matters Sage's grandmother is a Holocaust survivor.   

Both are great books but I did enjoy the Storyteller more. 
Have you read any of these books?

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