Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My Little Brother, My Little Life by Dee. H. Gordon

 Almost all her life, Linda has lived with her brother Douggie’s disability; from the childhood forever altered by her mother’s harsh abandonment, through adolescence, marriage and children of her own, Douggie and his autism have been a constant. As middle-age, divorce and new love approach, Linda continues to live with her feelings of guilt: was it her fault her mother left; did she do enough to help her father; is her brother really happy? And is there really anything she can do about any of it? In this bittersweet novel, Dee H. Gordon examines complex relationships, love, guilt and understanding, posing the question: is it possible to please everyone else, if you fail to please yourself?

I must admit this book is pretty hard to review as I unfortunately found it not to be my cup of tea. The blurb of this book caught my eye and I feel that its great that the book touches on serious themes such as domestic violence, autism, poverty, infertility etc. However I found that I just couldn't get sucked into the book and I didn't find myself wanting to read more or know what was going to happen next.  I feel that it could be as it wasn't my usual type of read more than anything. It was beautifully written though and can see why over on amazon there are many positive reviews. If your more into this type of read you will love it but if your like me and tend to prefer crime or romance novels this book is probably not for you.

You can check out many reviews and purchase a copy of My little brother, my little life over on amazon.

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