My Lush Disaster


Since it was pretty cold this morning I decided to have a bath to warm myself up. 

I had recently brought the Phoenix rising bath bomb from Lush retailing at £3.15. 
I loved how glittery it looked and had never tired it before,
unfortunately I wont be again.  

The idea of this bath bomb is that it is meant to start off straight at 
the bottom of the bath and bubbles and fizzy's up . 


It was crap i popped it into the bath and it did nothing no came 
out and certainly didn't bubble or fizz at first. 
So I turned on the tap and put it under that's when the colour came out 
and it started to fizz and bubble a little. 
I then got impatient and decided to sit and relax in the bath and
hope that it would fizz and bubble while I was in it. 
Did it? nope I had to crumble it up and still didn't do anything much. 

Once I got out of the bath it had also stained my skin 
and as you will see in the last photo the bath was stained too 
which luckily after a good scrub has now gone. 

The only plus side to this product is that it smelt lovely, my skin was silky soft after
and is a pretty colour although nothing like what I have seen on the lush's page
of what it is meant to be like. 

sadly I have to give this a 3/5 

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  1. I've always wondered how these things worked but was afraid to buy one. Thanks for the review - I'll skip it :)

    1. am debating whether or not to try it again after all in case it was just a dud one but cuz of the cost I don't want to be disappointed again.