Recent purchases


Today I treated myself to some beauty/skin care
type items.

First up I chose this three in one pedicure set.
It kind of reminds me of JML's Ped egg but cost 
me much less at 99p. 

I then chose to get the Microfibre Hair wrap
I've heard good things about these. 
It can be used for many things 
- drying hair
- facials
- Hair conditioning
- sun protection
- spa and sauna 
my main reason for buying one is that I plan to use it 
when I am using a facemask to keep my hair off my face
but also so that I can wrap my hair up during the week
and get on with the house work while my hair is drying.  
also 99p

exfoliating gloves will be using these in the bath

Last of all my favourite The Beauty Palour scrub up 
salt scrub. 
I love the scent of this stuff 
its very fruity and girly.

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  1. I got an actual Ped Egg at a £1 shop! Not for me though, they creep me out a bit haha xo

    1. I've not actually seen any of the ped eggs around my local pound shops other wise would have got one so trying this one instead.

  2. Interesting post!
    Love the manicure set

  3. good for you. always good to pamper yourself! b