Review: Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant


The Lovely people over at Zoflora contacted me 
and asked if I was interested in testing out 
one of there fragrances so I of course jumped 
at the chance.  

This morning Mr postie arrived with my packet 
and I was given the Limited edition
Warm Cinnamon scented  3 in 1 action disinfectant. 

I happened to of needed to clean the surfaces and sink area 
in my kitchen today so decided it was the perfect opportunity 
to give this a go. 

Warm Cinnamon is...
a seasonal fragrance combining warming
cinnamon, clove and vanilla. 

This powerful concentrated disinfectant liquid 
3 in 1 action not only  kills 99.9% of 
Bacteria and Viruses but also eliminates 
odours and keeps your home filled with a fresh beautiful 
fragrance all day. 

Where it can be used: 
- Floors 
- Tiles
- Sinks
- hard surface pet areas
- Baths
- potties

The Disinfectant I received is in a 120ml bottle
it retails at around £1.33. 

After trying this out I can honestly say 
that it smells lovely and I can still smell the 
scent from my kitchen right now. 

 Things to say about this product: 
- It smells lovely 
- comes in a range of different scents ( I really want to try the Bouquet one) 
- It will last ages as you don't have to use much at all. 
- The scent lasts awhile too
- It kills Bacteria/ Viruses
- Other disinfectants on the market don't smell that nice. 
- Its kind to your nose.

So a great product all round 
have you tried Zoflora disinfectants? 
If so what fragrance do you like ?
if not then I recommend that you do. 

* PR review

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  1. Wish they sold it here in the states...I love ANYTHING cinnamon scented!♥

    1. aww that is a shame. I do love Cinnamon too especially in the winter months