Wedded Bliss Wednesdays


What is the best gift to give your Husband? 
He is a huge fan of games consoles ( he owns 68) 
so a game or console to add to his collection
or anything retro. 

What is a meaningful gift that you can give that does not cost money  ? 
I really love this idea I found on Pinterest of a mason jar filled with love quotes.
My hubby one year also wrote a poem for me and hid the bits of paper around the flat 
for me to find once I found all the bits I had to put them in the right order to read
the poem.

What is the best gift you have given him?
It's defiantly this watch I got him as a birthday gift one year 
just seeing him look at from time to time with a big grin 
on his face was the best. 

What is the best gift he has given you?
I love jewellery so atm its a tie between this braclet
he got me for my 21st 

and my wedding Jewellery

What are you giving this holiday?

I have no idea what were going to get each other this year
as we saving up to do something special for our 
1st anniversary in February. 

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  1. That bracelet is gorgeous! So sparkly!

    1. I got money off my mum that year so ended up finding matching earrings for it too :)

  2. I luv your wedding jewelry, delicate & sophisticated. The watch looks really cool, really like the blue in it. Meaningful gift idea is adorable, its so important to keep making you spouse feel special.

    Cute post, keep it up. :)


  3. your earrings are so pretty and dangly! I had plugs a couple of years ago so I'm only going to be able to wear hoops for the rest of my life unless i repierce the 2nd holes I let close up due to laziness