Review: Dizolve Washing Sheets


One thing I hate about washing is  powder spills every where
and the tablets I have been previously using  crumbled.
I also didn't have space in my cupboard due to the size of  the boxes.

Now I had the opportunity  to try out Dizolve washing sheets. 
I love that they are so simple and easy to use 
you just pop them in and they dissolve easily in water. 

One sheet = One load as they are pre measured,
 But for a larger or heavily soiled items 2 works well.
They are also non bio so great on sensitive skin 
come in 2 different varieties Original and Lavender . 
One pack contains enough sheets for approx 20 washes.

I noticed a sticky patch on my snuggie the other day 
so was able to test how well they work with removing it 
I put 2 sheets in the wash and the sticky patch was gone. 

With my normal wash I found that they worked really well 
with removing stains and making our clothes fresh and clean.
even my fussy husband loves them. 

Dizolve Washing Sheets are available at most Waitrose, Sainsburys and Morrisons 
and starting from November in selected Tesco stores. 

Currently they are on promotion with Tumble Tots

 where you can buy 3 packs for £10 saving 30%


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