Review: Higher Nature cleans and detox range


The people from Higher Nature sent me three products
from their cleans and detox range to trial.
First of all I was sent  Alka- Bathe 
Alka-Bathe provides alkalising minerals for a complete detox. 
It cleans and detoxifies your skin removing acid waste products 
from your body. 
Only or two scoops is needed per bath. 

- Deeply relaxing mineral bath salts
-  Alkalising mineral bath salts help draw-out toxins 
- Cleanses and detoxifies
- Revitalising, soothing and cleansing
- Perfume free
I received the 650g clip top kilner jar and scoop which retails at £20.95
After using this my skin felt smooth and clean. 

secondly I was sent the Special Dead Sea Soak 
This product is perfect for a relaxing and indulgent
bath from ancient dead sea. 
It contains over 21 key minerals.
-Bring the benefits of hot springs into your home!
- A relaxing and indulgent mineral bath from the ancient Dead Sea
- Contains over 21 key minerals including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Iodine
-Nourishing, soothing and refreshing for tired, aching muscles
-Cleanses and detoxifies
- Deeply relaxing and indulgent

I got the 400g clip top kilner jar with scoop and bag which retails at £12.95.
I love using natural salts with my normal bubble bath
which made this an extra treat for me. 

Last of all I was sent the Skin Brush.
I've read up on using skin brushes before having a bath or shower
they are aimed to help removed dead skin cells as well as stimulate circulation. 
The brush handle comes off so that it is only used to get to difficult places such as your back. 


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  1. I was lucky to swim in the dead sea when I was on a gap year. My skin felt amazing for a while. I'm going to try this product