Review: Skinny Sprinkles


I was sent a weeks supply of Skinny Sprinkles to
trial and then review. 

What is Skinny Sprinkles? 

Skinny Sprinkles is a new weight loss supplement 
which comes in a powder form 
that when mixed with water turns into a strawberry drink .

Skinny Sprinkles is not a meal replacement like most weight-loss products,
but is a supplement to help you to feel fuller so then you eat less. 
You have 3 a day 15-30 mins before a meal to help you cut down your 
portion size. 

This works due to the two of its active ingredients  Glucomannan and Inulin.

Due to its high caffeine content (64mg which is the same as cup of coffee per sachet) 
I would recommned not leaving it too late in the day to have your last one. 

As you can see from my photos they come in a cute Pink polka dot packaging.
They are also great size to fit in your handbag. 
I also think its great that they come in little sachets as there is then no need to 
measure the correct amount therefore more convenient. 

My  thoughts:

The powder smells very sweet and I love strawberries so this was 
a positive start. 
It also dissolves very quickly. 
I like that its also only 21 calories.

I left it thicken as stated and was very disappointed  that it separated into two layers
which meant I gave it a quick stir before drinking. 

It wasn't that a nice taste to be honest and the texture was off putting I have
however tried worse products.

Does it work?

I can honestly say that I did feel much fuller and did eat less than I usually would have. 
I will say energy wise due to the caffeine content I didn't really notice to be honest
but that maybe due to being a coffee drinker maybe that was why?

The important question did I loose weight? 
I was disappointed as I have read other reviews where people
have lost 1-2lb average but for me I didn't loose anything. 
However I will say my clothes feel a lot looser than usual. 


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