Wedded Bliss Wednesdays


When you were a child what did you imagine YOUR Prince Charming to be like?
As a child I had a big obsession of Cinderella. 
I always thought that the guy I would end up with 
would be just like him. 
Tall, dark and handsome. 

Does you husband match your prediction as a child?
Not exactly he is taller than me at 5ft 11 to my 5ft 6, 
has red hair rather than dark and I find him extremely handsome. 

What about when you were a teenager and knew it all about love, does your relationship match that scenario you had during those rebel years? 

I always thought love was about spending all your spare time together 
It wasn't until I got with Stuart when I turned 18 that I really learnt 
what love is about. 

What love movie would you best match your relationship to? Why?
This is really hard question I can honestly say that I can't think of one :(

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  1. I loved Cinderella as a child too! Well, I still do. Haha!