What Grinds My Gears


I have been tagged by the lovely Helen from Mummy to the Max to do this meme. 
I love doing these type of posts :) 

So here goes here are the things that just drive me slightly potty. 

- When people walk really slow or just stop completely when your 
out shopping at the mall. 

- Washing up I really hate it one day we will get a dishwasher

- Rudeness (yes I do mean you the lady who slammed
 the door in my face you could have held it open) 

- Mr post man coming at different times so never knowing when he 
shows so I end up missing parcels or have stayed in all day like a hermit. 

- People who gossip about you and say bad things when they not got the facts

- Not having a job this economy sucks right now

- Ebay and the fact they don't care about sellers rights 

I'm going to leave it at that I am not generally a miserable person
I am a sufferer of depression I do try to keep my spirits up. 

The rules  of this meme are that I am to tag the creator and the person who tagged me 

The lady who came up with the idea:

People I am tagging: 


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  1. I really hate those folks who think it's a good idea to get right in front of you and then stop. Argh.

  2. Haha same here grwat post I'll check out the other blogs as well ;)

    Have a Fantastic Friday !!



  3. Hate people who talk behind your back & gossip. I've been facing a lot of that since long. People who have no idea who I am & how I feel. I feel sorry for their petty, sad lives because they have nothing else to do.

    Luv this post - cute.. :)