Christmas Prep (An update)


We have finally nearly got all of our Christmas presents and cards sorted
out,  So no mad dashing around for us. 

I am happy to say that we have undercut our budget on presents by approx £80 or so  
which I am thrilled about. 

How we cut down:
- £30 of presents were thanks to Tesco's clubcard exchange
- some presents were competition wins
- we also managed to get one gift from a charity shop that was in mint condition. 

Making our Christmas present's costing a total of approx £140 

As for Christmas cards, wrapping paper, gift labels and decorations 
- cards were brought from £ stretcher £1.99 for 40 cards
- wrapping paper we don't need after all
-gift labels need to be brought still but can get some for 99p in our local 99p store. 
decorations we got the following: 
- Mistletoe £1 wilko
- string to hold up decorations 50p wilko 
- tree hooks 70p wilko 
-Tinsel x2 99p store £1.98 
- Poinsetta £1.50 Morrisons

 we already had our tree, lights and other tree decorations from last year 
plus a mini fibre optic Christmas tree my mum got me years ago 
and a mini tree which is sitting in our bedroom from last year also. 

 We are planning to put our main tree up tomorrow I promise will share some photo's for you 
all at some point. 

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