I was the lucky winner of katiecupcake-cymru's
Fudgeridoo blog giveaway. 

The postie arrived this morning with this plus another competition
win ( I will post about this another time)

A bit about Fudgeridoo: 

Fudgeridoo started trading back in May 2010 so are a fairly new company .
They are located in the beautiful seaside town of Barmouth. 
They sell a range of delightful  exciting flavours and their list
of different flavours is growing daily. 

Some Fudgeridoo tips: 
- Once you get your fudge whatever you do 
do not store it in your fridge as it will absorb
all fridge smells.

- The fudge can be frozen though :)

- Fudgeridoo makes great gifts for any occasion including weddings

- The Fudge should last approx 6-8 weeks  

- left over fudge can be melted down as a yummy sauce on your ice cream 
or add hot milk for a luxury fudgetastic drink.

As you can see in the above photo that Fudgeridoo fudge
comes in a stylish black box with funky pink lettering .
When I opened the parcel wrapping all I could smell 
was a wonderful sweet aroma. 

I was excited to open my box and find out what ones I had been 
luckily enough to have won.
On opening I was very impressed at how much effort
 that  the company put into decorating the fudge and making
them look appealing. In fact they look so good it was 
hard to even want to eat one. 

Rocky Road, Dime, Christmas Pudding and chocolate log

I have only so far ate the dime one which was lovely and such a treat
I am though freezing the rest of them for Christmas day 
which I am going to share with my  husband. 

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