Review: Stone-Bridge Luxury Hair Accessories


Stone-Bridge are a luxury hair accessories company. 
 The majority of their hair accessories are manufactured by small
, family-owned French or Italian companies for beautiful everyday luxury.
Every hair accessory you buy from them have been through the hands of someone 
who cares passionately about hair accessories and hair accessories only. 
Every single one will make your hair look gorgeous, whatever you are up to 
a work meeting, out for drinks or just putting your hair up while you exercise. 

I very rarely have my hair up as I find that most clips, clamps etc that 
I have owned have broken easily or hurt my head so I gave up 
and most of the time have my hair down. 

That is until I came across Stone-Bridge. 

I was asked to fill in their online form so that they could recommend a perfect product to
suit me. 
Once I filled that in they contacted me to let me know which of their products 
would be suitable. 
I was given a choice between the small clamp, mini clamp or the skinny barrette.
I decided to go with the mini clamp (as seen in photo's below) and I chose the colour French Vanilla. 

I was intrigued to see if the product I was being sent would work 
as having such fine, flyaway hair I was excited to see if I had finally
found a hair accessorie that would stay in or not hurt my poor head.

The mini clamp arrived very quickly considering the Christmas time rush. 
As you can see from the photo below was lovingly wrapped  
making it more exciting to open. 

When I first saw that this mini clamp cost £24 
I was surprised that it would cost so much for something 
so small and who would pay that kinda thing.
However I can honestly say that 
you get what you pay for. 
As you can see from the photo's the clamp has a smooth finish that 
is like a marble/pearl effect. 

The excellent quality covered spring provides a reliable 
and secure hold on your hair without snagging or pulling. 
The design closes down very close, making it particularly good for slippery hair, 
while wide spacing of the softly rounded teeth are very kind on curly and fine hair. 
The clamp comes in many colours
Tortoiseshell, Silver Shell, Mahogany, Caramel Horn, French Vanilla and Graphite.

I wish I was able to get a photo done of my hair up with this maybe 
I will get my hubby to take one after Christmas. 

Have you found the best hair accessories for you? 
would you consider Stone-Bridge?

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