Review: Total Shaving Solutions Shaving Oil


Total Shaving Solution is a 100% natural shaving oil that gives you
a close shave and is kind to skin,leaving bumps, redness and cuts
a thing of the past. 

Reason's you should use this little bottle of Oil 

- It is kind to skin meaning no more bumps, redness and cuts 
- It gives you a close shave which is also comfortable 
- Its economical as there is no waste as you only need 3 drops
per shave. 
- A 10ml bottle lasts approx 90 shaves
and the 25ml bottle 225 shaves. 
- Its kind to nature as its a natural product with 
small packaging that is entirely recyclable. 
- It's suitable for both men and women

When I first received the bottle I was surprised at how small it was
and was thinking I'd only get one shave out of it. 
I was presently surprised upon reading that only 3 drops 
would be needed and that the whole 10ml bottle 
would last for 90 shaves. 

On using the shaving oil I found that the smells was what I could only describe as "clean" and "minty". 
I can honestly say that 3 drops was enough which I did find a surprise. 
I feel that is due to obviously  wetting the area for shaving beforehand
 and once applying the oil  massaging it into your legs. 
So a little does go along way. 

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You can also find shaving tips for men and for women over on their website. 

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