Wedded Bliss Wednesdays


Its that time again and this week we have question 
that is kinda tricky (for me anyway) 

If money were NOT an option, what would you buy your husband for Christmas this year?
Its a tricky question since Stuart is hard to buy for from time to time.
After much thought I think that one of the best gifts I could 
give him would be a holiday. 
He wants to go to some many places (much like me) and If I had the money 
I'd  treat us so we could go to Tahiti as that is the one place he would really love to go more than anywhere else.
I would make sure we did lots of activities and go to lots of different places
 as he isn't a beach bum . 

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  1. It would be an old classic car

  2. a break away from kids possible somewhere with xbox and no one to disturb him lol