Bucket List


Hi all so this is a different type of post today rather than reviews 
I need to do more posts outside of reviews so am planning
on doing a brainstorm of some ideas. 

For today's post I am going to share with you my bucket list. 
I am going to also going to add this as a page at the top of my blog
where I will edit it from time to time so that you can have a little 
nosey and see if and when I complete them :)

without further ado here are things so far that I want to achieve 
(there's not really a time limit on them) 

1. Rent/Buy a house with a Garden 
2. Get my infinity tattoo and decide where I want to have 
my let it be... tattoo
3. Try and add a good amount to savings each month 
4.Make a photo calendar ( this would be once we have kids) 
5. Put aside money each month from the beginning of the year ready for Christmas
6. .Get to my ideal weight
7. Go to Wipsnade Zoo
8. Make a shadow box
9. Make a memory jar filled with love quotes for the hubby 
10. Start doing a my week photo dump posts
11. Get 500 followers on my blog
12. compile a journal of my favourite recipes 
13. Have children 
14. Turn our flat into a shabby chic haven
15. Spend a week in Blackpool with Stuart (and with our kids in future)
16. Have afternoon tea for two
17. Have a cuddly and cute pet Cat 
18. Find my dream job
19. Get one of our wedding photos put onto a canvas
20.  Go back to Cambridge and spend a week there

Well thats all I can think of at the minute am sure I will come up with more though 

Do you have a bucket list? 
If so send me the link if not why not blog one like I have

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  1. I'm sure you'll be crossing some of these off in no time! Just a little note - I shopped around for a printed canvas as a Christmas present to a friend and the best deal I got was from Tesco! xo