Recent Purchases


I haven't spent an awful lot recently as I am trying to save. 
But I did get some money and vouchers for Christmas so have
been able to treat myself a little. 

First of all I was given a Boots voucher from my sister
When browsing in my local Boots I decided there was no
point in using my voucher on any of their gifts in the sale
as I just wouldn't use them. 
So when I spotted that they had tangle teezers in stock
I decided to use my voucher and a bit of cash to buy one. 
I chose to go with the compact styler as I thought that 
the original tangle teezer seemed as though it would be
too big to hold. 
The tangle teezer I got is called Golden Goddess

I then popped into Peacocks and found a new handbag 
in the sales for £6 rather than £12 
I love the polka dot look and that its the perfect size
and easy to carry so a great everyday bag. 

I also popped into Holland and Barrett as they had a half price sale on. 

I got some more Folic Acid and Agnus Castus which I currently use on a daily basis.

Although Folic Acid is known as a supplement to take during pregnancy this isn't the case 
with me I found that it has boosted my immune system so using it for that benefit.
I use Agnus Castus as its recommended for supporting  female health and after some
research found that it can help with some of the symptoms of PCOS

I also decided to buy some Green Tea Extract chosen due to hearing that 
it can help aid weightloss. 

I also chose to buy the Fat Metaboliser to aid weightloss
and Aspire calorie burning soft drink which i reviewed last year. 

This little lot came to £24.02 which is good going considering I saved £19.66 
by buying them in the half price sale and using my £2 off voucher as well. :)

I also got this Keep calm and carry on saving can for £3
to help me keep all of pound coins together and of course
keep saving. 

Have you brought anything in the sales this year? 
or brought any nice bits recently? 

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  1. Lovely.

    I recently bought some outfits & cosmetics. Will share the reviews soon on my blog.

    PrettyGloss - makeup, beauty & a lil gibberish

  2. I've bought shoes in the sales, of course. And some clothes, although have been rather restrained by my standards.

    1. The sales don't seem to be as good this or maybe I am just getting too sensible.