Review: Zaggora Hotpants


 Zaggora is a brand of exercise wear for women which contain 's
Celu-Lite technology fabric lining which enhances your natural body 
temperature.  Zaggora Hotpants, if used whilst exercising, can raise your core
 body temperature by 18%, making your body use more energy and in turn 
burning more calories. 
In fact according to Zaggora women are more likely to loose 
weight 4 x faster by wearing them. 

I am not that confident with my body I am plus size and 
do need to loose quite a bit of weight. 
So  getting these was like a dream for me as I had heard so many good things
about them. 

The Hotpants come in four different sizes small, medium, large and extra large. 
They have a size chart on their website to help you out if your unsure what size to buy. 
The size I chose fit perfectly they are a tight fit (which they are meant to be) but not so tight they are
uncomfortable. They also kinda have this weird rubbing sound when you where them.
I decided that as soon as my arrived that I just had to complete the 2 week challenge. 

I was a bit naughty and only used them twice a week rather than 5 days as 
stated for the two week challenge. However when I wore them I exercised for approx
40-50 mins at a time in them rather than 30 mins. 

I decided that I would wear them for when I did Zumba on the Wii as its an exercise I love
to do and gets my heart pumping and body into a sweat. 

When using the Hotpants I noticed that sweat was dripping off me much more than usual.
I didn't feel uncomfortable though as they hotpants seemed to absorb the moisture. 

Zaggora Hotpants can be worn under clothing too so that others don't know you are wearing them 
for example if you wanted to go for a walk and wanted to hide them under your jeans then you can. 

As for the results over the 2 weeks I have lost 4lb in weight and lost 3 inches around my waist 
and my jeans feel way too big for me so will most likely have to go down a size or 2. 

Overall I can honestly say that Zaggora Hotpants do work combined with healthy eating 
( I am currently doing slimming world) 

You can buy Zaggora Hotpants here for £45.00 you can also buy them 
in some boots stores. 

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  1. Ooh I've wanted to try these for a long time, but they're just a bit pricey. Unless they REALLY work??!