Review: Cheekyshoes



As mentioned in one of my posts before I love shoes but cannot  
for the life of me walk in heels properly at all. 
Trying to find shoes that fit me too can also be tricky due to having wide feet. 

I was excited when I heard of Cheekyshoes and there fab range of bright and vibrant colours. 

Cheekyshoes is owned by Pavel and Marcin two ordinary guys who 
have a simple mission to bring comfy shoes out of the shadows 
and into the limelight and make fun footwear that make women feel 
happy, confident and relevant. 

I chose to go with my normal size 7 and found them to be a perfect fit,
the band around the top makes them stay in place but also 
looks a attractive design. 

Cheekyshoes come in 6 wonderfully vibrant and fantastic colours
Sumptuous Cerise, Tomastic Red, Zesty Green, Electric Blue, Luscious Lemon and Sparkling Orange. 

I as you can see chose to go with the Electric Blue ones mainly as this colour 
would go with my wardrobe a bit more then some of the other colours. 

The shoes retail at £19.99  and are sure to brighten up any outfit. 

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